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Solving the hassle of electrical vehicle charging

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Charging Point Operation

Smart Charge dashboard enables the daily operations of the station, and presents historical data to the operators. The operator can change basic info for the station like; price, availability, opening hours and effect etc. The dashboard can also set rules for a whole organization and pricing set on individuals or groups, the features are:

Electrical Vehicle Charging App

Smart Charge EV is a charging application for electrical vehicles. It will find the right charging station for you, based on your needs and destination. The accuracy of the system depends on the information from the point of interest. When there is live data available the application can deliver this in real time to the driver.

Meshcrafts SaaS-platform: Smart Charge HUB

The SaaS platform delivers the backbone and cloud service for operations of charging stations. By enabling real-time information between hardware, operator and end user. The platform empowers the commercialization of charging infrastructure and turns today’s loss to positive turn over.

Meshcrafts Services

Meshcrafts vision “Zero Emission, No Hassle”, is encapsulated in Smart Charge Hub, the platform for Electrical Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging.

Smart Charge Hub delivers a charge-point-management-as-a-services for operators of charging infrastructure. The platform handels: management, energy optimization and payment for operators of Electrical Vehicle chargers. Smart Charge also provide real time information to the EV-drivers through our app Smart Charge EV. The platform works as a facilitator to the charging and E-mobility eco-system.

From aggregated E-mobility data, Meshcrafts provides new insights for drivers, operators and community. The Smart Charge system is designed for a broad variety of application areas, increasing the value for all stakeholders in the e-mobility space.

Backend Integration

Integrate any specific type of EV-charger into Meshcrafts system

Operation Dashboards

The dashboard enables your business to monitor and control your charging stations live.

Smart Charge EV APP

One application making it possible for end-users to find, charge and pay for their charging-session

Market platform

Show the unique charging stations availability, service and price in the market

Load Balancing

Enable energy optimization at a station level, enabling peak shaving, phase balancing and dynamical load balancing on each individual charge point


One application making it possible for end-users to find, charge and pay for their charging-session