Meshcrafts dashboard


Meshcrafts Smart Urban Mobility Platform is a cross technology platform for real time information from Electrical Chargers and parking spots to vehicles, operators and public. The platform is easy to use and enables any entity to register their product into the platform, thus increase the engagement with potential customers.

The platform can handle static and dynamic information about any given point of interest, thus bridging the technological gap between today and tomorrows parking bay and charging stations.

Smart Charge EV


The Smart Charge EV application is a charging application for electrical vehicles, it will find the right charging station automatically for you, based on your need and destination. The accuracy of the system depends on the information from the point of interest, were there is an option for live data the application can deliver it to the driver.

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Charge statistics


Meshcrafts platform have the option to take out statistics and benchmarking key points for any given system om the platform, thus empowering the organisation with understandable and useful data for optimization.

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