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The founder of Meshcrafts AS, Åsmund Frengstand became a part of Gründerpulsen bloggers community. All articles can be found under the link:

The blog is to give insight to existing entrepenours or new once, were Åsmund will adress topics and experiences linked to Meshcrafts.

“We in Meshcrafts are proud to be asked to participate in such important work. We hope that our experience as first time entrepreneurs can help new entrepreneurs succeeded. Gründerpulsen is a very good place to get inspiration and tell the support system what is not working”.

Meshcrafts and Åsmund will primarily be focusing on the first stage of a company and share our story as we go along.

About Gründerpulsen

Innovation Norway wishes Entrepreneur pulse to create an open and inclusive venue for sharing of operational experience and knowledge. Now we organize this blog as soapbox for entrepreneurs to put important issues on the national agenda. We will not only listen, we will use a variety of input directly into our work at Innovation Norway, which in turn will be reflected in the proposed Norwegian innovation policy. This is the opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to develop increased commitment and knowledge about entrepreneurship in our country.

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