UN Sustainable development goals - does not only make sense it makes good business sense

To make business you need to have a market, and to have a market you need to have consumers of your product. The consumers are people like you and me, they are affected by hunger, diseases, global warming, lack of education or the complete opposite. It is a hard fact that the human species now already is consuming more than Earth can sustain. In 2015 the United Nations (UN) found 17 goals we should achieve to “make the world great again”. Resulting in The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a collection of 17 global goals “Global Goals for Sustainable Development“.

These goals do not only secure more potential consumers but also secure the impact the product and consumer have on Earth and each other. This results in a positive spiral of growth and welfare. This increases most markets and thus makes a lot of business sense.

Why we as a company strive to achieve UN Sustainable development goals

For Meshcrafts it was easy to adopt some of these goals, it has always been in our DNA. Our values are to create a greener and more sustainable community by introducing climate actions into mobility and energy. Our vision of zero emission, no hassle is not just a vision but a way of how we design our products. We do not strive to get more cars on the road or to consume more energy, we seek to help everyone to use a less pollutive and more efficient way of travel. We are reducing the amount of energy consumed so we do not need to build a new power plant or increase the capacity of the power grid.
Just by using the right solution for the right problem we can reduce climate and economical impact on cities, communities and individuals without reducing their “life quality”. This means more resources to create jobs, preserve nature and wild life and solve big issues like clean water and food for all humans.

Below you will find a description on how Meshcrafts contributes to meet some of UN’s “Global Goals for Sustainable Development”.

How Meshcrafts strive to achieve UN Sustainable development goals

Goal 7

Meshcrafts are making renewable energy and renewable energy consumers an integrated part of the energy system
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Goal 9

Meshcrafts’ focus on mobility and energy are targeting infrastructure both in the digital sphere and the physical
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Goal 11

By digitalisation and electrification of transport systems Meshcrafts is helping cities reduce their carbon footprints as well as local air pollution
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Goal 12

Meshcrafts is not only changing the consumables to a more environmentally friendly commodity but is also increasing the efficiency reducing the needed volume of fuel
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Goal 13

Meshcrafts mission is to help road and sea transportation to reduce their emission as much as possible
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Goal 15

Reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the efficiency of private transportation is a key point for development of sustainable cities and communities
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