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Far up north, close to the north pool lies a country like no other. Between its snow covered peak and long distances is a hidden giant in modern transportation and energy use. For most people, Norway is a country known for oil and fjords, maybe fish. What very few knows it’s that Norway hydro power generate almost 100% of energy consumption.  The fact that you have more EV per capita than anywhere in the world.

Where no man would think, electric cars could work

TESLA biggest market save California is in Norway and almost 25% of all new car sale in Norway is pure electric 30-35% if you include PHEV. Awesome for the environment and change from a pollutive, ineffective combustion technology to sustainable, efficient and clean technology for transportation. This also gives a huge challenge for Norway how to provide enough electricity to the EV when they need it, were they are at that time and fast enough to a reasonable price.

This is NOT a dream

This might seem like a dream, clean, cheap, efficient, functional personal transportation. In most places, it are still a dream, there have not been any economical foundation for a EV market to work, there have been to many barriers. But from the land of snowy peaks and oil, there is a beam of energy (light). The Electrical Vehicle is about to conquer the personal mobility space.  Everyday there are more EV coming to the road and charging networks are rolling out from the far south to the far north. Anyone could drive an EV to all the “big cities” in Norway. The summer of global warming in personal transportation is about to end, the clean winter is coming. The rally point for this clean revolutionary army is the Norwegian consumers. They showing that the EV can and will conquer any obstacle blocking the way to a clean transportation.

We in Meshcrafts are proud to be a part of this revolution, laying the digital foundation for an open marketplace for EV charging. Every day we struggle together with our customers to make a Zero Emission, No Hassle society.