Meshcrafts has over the last years grown from a startup with an idea of solving charging challenges on several levels to now being a software house with one of the most advanced platforms for controlling charging of electric vehicles. The SmartCharge platform is developed for the future of e-mobility taking into account the needs of all stakeholders in the market, from the ev-driver via the charge point operator to the grid owner.

To continue the development of the company, Meshcrafts main founder Åsmund Møll Frengstad is stepping aside as CEO and taking a new position as Chief Business Developer. His main focus will be on business development for Meshcrafts and combining this with product development, he will contribute to SmartCharge and Meshcrafts development and growth. 

Paal Christian Myhre will take over most of Åsmund responsibilities as CEO focusing on making Meshcrafts and team ready to take on the possibilities and challenges in the evolving market for e-mobility.