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Benefits of EVs

Do you know what kind of benefits you get with an EV? Meshcrafts would like to help inspiring more people to go with the green alternative. In the following, you can read more about the most important benefits of EVs.

12 outstanding Oslo start-ups to watch in 2018

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is considered to be a paradise for start-ups. There are many events such as ”Startup Weekend Oslo” three times a year and ”Mesh afterwork” every month where founders with new ideas and big drams can come to get in touch with other founders and investors and hopefully start the process of making the dream come true. Oslo is also considered to be a marvel of the technology world. Well-known products such as the popular browser called Opera and the fast-growing, game-based learning application and website Kahoot was born here.

We are strengthening the team

Meshcrafts are excited to announce that Alexander Gjerde will strenghten our sales team.

As Key Account Manager at Meshcrafts he will have responsibility for sales and marketing within all costumer groups in Norway. He is an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer with specialization in industrial design from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Get in touch with Alexander

Visiting Daimler AG

On September 19th Meshcrafts had the pleasure of presenting our SmartCharge solution to Daimler AG at the Mercedes plant in Bremen.

Mercedes is stepping up their focus and production on electric vehicles. In connection with this the need for a charging infrastructure at the different plants is needed. This should cover the needs for all fields at the factory, from production via testing, storage and new car delivery to charging for employees and visitors.

Fremtidsrettet ladeanlegg i Forskningsparken

Oslotech AS har åpnet ladeanlegg i garasjen på Forskningsparken i Oslo. Her er det installert 15 ladepunkter for elbiler. Anlegget er en helt ny teknisk løsning med styring via Meshcrafts AS plattform SmartCharge.

Anlegget er utviklet med tanke på fremtidens behov og løsninger. Dette innebærer i første omgang avregning og betaling av strøm til besøkende. SmartCharge løsningen gir mulighet til å betale for forbrukt energi, m.a.o. man betaler for strømmen bilen lades med og ikke for tiden den er tilkoblet. 

Meshcrafts number 1. Scandinavian startup to know about have taken a look at the Scandinavian emerging tech companies and found 13 companies you should know about. We have a short summary of the article here.

“Despite popular innovations and success stories like Skype and Spotify birthed from the region, many are still surprised to learn of Scandinavia’s prominence in the global startup arena. Given its rising status on the tech startup scene, entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly looking to this region of the world for new ideas and innovations. The following are the top 13 Scandinavian tech startups that should be on your mind—and device—in 2016.”