In the effort of reducing green house gases and local air pollution, countries have implemented different incentives for e-mobility to reach these goals. The incentives vary, but are mostly about reducing the costs of buying EVs. However, there are some other creative incentives.

Did you know that…

    • China has the second best subsidies for buying EVs in the world (after Norway)
    • In China, license plates are usually handed out by auctions, lottery or by paying high fees. However, in some big Chinese cities the license plates for EVs are free
    • In Japan the size of the subsidies increases with the range of the car
    • In UK you can get subsidies for installation of a home charger
    • In the Netherlands you don´t have to pay purchase taxes when you buy a fully-electric EV, and no ownership taxes either
    • In Norway, you can use the bus lanes when driving EVs

Meshcrafts are pleased that so many countries use incentives to make it easier to go green. The incentives have effect. In 2016, 50% of all EVs worldwide were sold in China, and in Norway more than 50% of all new sold cars are fully-electric, hibrids or plug-in hybrids.

Meshcrafts will continue encouraging people to buy EVs by making life for EV-drivers easier.

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