Zero Emission, No Hassle

Vehicle to Grid

Soon it will be possible to adjust the price of the electricity based on when power consumption is high and when it is low. When people make dinner and wash clothes, electricity will be more expensive than in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping.

Accando supports Meshcrafts on GDPR

As a software company delivering services on electric car charging, Meshcrafts also handels information on the users of our platform SmartCharge. This makes it essential for us to fully comply with all the GDPR regulation to ensure a proper handling of this information on all accounts.

Suitable charging infrastructure are becoming increasingly important

Nowhere else in the world you find so many electric cars on the roads as in Scandinavia. The IEA – International Energy Agency – estimated that by 2020, approximately twenty million electric vehicles will populate the streets worldwide. Reason enough for the Norwegian start-up Meshcrafts to develop a platform for all the stake holders involved

Electric Vehicles as your main vehicle

An electric car is often referred to as a second car and not suitable as the primary car for a family. This statement was probably correct only a few years back. However, as technology progresses, data on driving patterns are collected and first-hand experience from EV drivers are gained, we can conclude that this is

Preparing for the future with Management changes

Meshcrafts has over the last years grown from a startup with an idea of solving charging challenges on several levels to now being a software house with one of the most advanced platforms for controlling charging of electric vehicles. The SmartCharge platform is developed for the future of e-mobility taking into account the needs of

New member of our advisory board – Jörg Nagel

We are happy to welcome Jörg Nagel as member of our advisory board. Jörg has been active in the German utility sector since 1999. Over the years he has become familiar with the customer’s perspective, as well as assessing developments from the consultant’s point of view. After being a specialist and a management consultant, he held