Do you know what kind of benefits you get with an EV? Meshcrafts would like to help inspiring more people to go with the green alternative. In the following, you can read more about the most important benefits of EVs.

Economic benefits of buying EVs
Some countries are trying to make people choose EVs by introducing incentives, like tax reduction and cash back. The specific rules vary from country to country. If you are considering buying an EV, you should find out if your country operates with incentives for EVs. Most countries have an organization for EV owners who can help answering this.

Economic benefits of driving EVs
There are great economic benefits of driving EVs. You’ll achieve lower total cost of ownership primarily through service fee and maintenance. In addition, electricity is much more efficient as an energy carrier than gasoline and diesel, which has an efficiency of 30-35 %. At the same time, in ceveral countries electricity is cheaper than gasoline. Many people find that the expenses of the car are reduced when they switch to EVs.

Some countries also have other benefits, for example reduced prices for parking or reduced costs at toll plazas. If you are considering buying an EV or driving your EV in a foreign country, you should find out if there are any benefits by using EVs and how you can benefit from it. 

Other benefits of driving EVs
In addition to the economic benefits, some countries have special rules for EVs. In Norway, for example, EVs are usually allowed to use the files reserved for buses and taxis.

Most EVs are very modern and have focus on the comfort of the driver. It´s also less noise from an EV than from traditional cars. This makes EVs a pleasant alternative.

Last, but not least, you can drive your EV with much better conscience.

Environmental benefits
The EV battery is highly effective, and uses the energy more optimal. The Norwegian EV Union wrote an article on this, comparing EV batteries with gasoline engines. Unsurprisingly, the EV battery won the comparison.

If you use renewable energy like energy from sun, water or wind to charge your EV, the emissions from EVs are very small.

In the future
Meshcrafts would love to see the sales of EVs continue to increase. We believe that the key to make people choose EVs, is to make a hassle free life for EV owners. By developing good and reliable software for charging points, we hope that we encourage this development. EVs should be an alternative for everybody using traditional cars, but that will only be possible if the charging infrastructure is good enough to handle the traffic.