About Meshcrafts

Meshcrafts is a tech company developing software for e-mobility with a perspective on Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Transportation. Meshcrafts SaaS-platform, SmartCharge is an open Marketplace for charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

Meshcrafts vision “Zero Emission, No Hassle” is encapsulated in SmartCharge, the platform for Electrical Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging.

The headquarter of Meshcrafts is in Oslo Science park, Norway

Meshcrafts’ Team

Our team has experience from the automotive-, hardware- and retail industry. The team is diverse and we believe diversity is of great importance in order to create new solutions and solve the challenges in the evolving market of e-mobility. Being a small company gives us the opportunity to adapt fast and a have a dynamic approach towards our customers’ needs.

Meshcrafts’ founder team consists of graduates from the Norwegian University of Life Science, University of Oslo and BI Norwegian Business School. The original team has been extended with new members of different backgrounds, age and nationality.

The technical team consists of highly skilled IT-engineers with experience of developing, maintaining and operate multi-domain platform solutions. The team has in-depth knowledge of the platform and will give training and support.

Advisory Board

The Mescrafts team get alot of advice and market knowledge from the advisory board. Meshcrafts Advisory Board consist of highly skilled serial entrepreneurs with deep knowledge of the automotive-, IT- and energy industry.