500 startups has invited Meshcrafts AS together with 10 other nordic companies  for the 500 Nordice pre accelerator.

This is the first batch of 500 Startups Nordic initiative, 500 Startups has been doing well in the US and is now looking to expand into the Nordic regions.

500 Startups

The pre accelerator wishes to bring the Nordic companies up to speed and implement Silicon Valley best practices. The program is a pre accelerator in the sense that it prepares the companies to take part in one of the larger accelerator programs (Like 500 Startups, YCombinator or Techstars)


Meshcrafts delivers information in real time about charging stations and parking spaces. This greatly increases urban mobility by providing the information needed to balance true supply and demand between providers and customers. With an integrated payment solution Meshcrafts wish to negate the need to register with every single charging station operator. Any individual can register their plot or charging station on the platform.

The solution will benefit anyone that owns or operates a charging station, from the private charing station at home, to employee parking at your office or to the parking operators in the city. With the real time information from the charging station Eletrical vehicle drivers will find the best suitable available charging station to there need through the app Smart Charge EV.

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For more information contact:
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Åsmund Møll Frengstad, CEO
phone: +47 905 03 441