SmartCharge EV

SmartCharge EV

The app is a charging application for electrical vehicles. It will find the right charging station for you, based on your needs and destination. The accuracy of the system depends on the information from the point of interest. When there is live data available the application can deliver this in real time to the driver.

Smart Charge EV
The App – SmartCharge EV

SmartCharge EV app enables routing taking into consideration the cars range, charge-level, traffic data, driving style, etc. It also includes automatic filtration of non-wanted or out-of-order charging stations where available.

The SmartCharge EV-app routes the EV-driver through multiple charging stations from point A to point B. It dynamically changes the route depending on congestion and availability of infrastructure, curing the charging and range anxiety that EV owners experience today.

The SmartCharge EV is downloadable for free and are seamlessly connected to a user interface on the web with all preferences, history and analytics. Future versions will integrate other real time info like road-construction data, weather, terrain, etc.

The back-end solution combines real time data from the stations with the unique preferences and data of the end-user. With leading communication technology Meshcrafts create a safe, easy and user-friendly trading platform. The openness and availability of information allows the consumer to make decisions based on “perfect information”.

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