Smart Charge

Smart Charge is a total solution for charging infrastructure integrated into an open marketplace for sale of energy to Electrical Vehicles. The system enables total control and automation of the charging infrastructure, through the Smart Charge Hub. Hence increasing the operator/owners possibility to capitalize on the investment. The system allows a dynamic pricing strategy depending on person, power and time, all can be controlled online through interfaces and apps for private costumers and operators.

Smart Charge platforms

android home screen app

Smart Charge EV

Smart Charge EV uses real time information from Smart Charge Hub. The app enables routing, taking into consideration the cars range, charge-level, traffic data, driving style and handles transactions between drivers and charging stations.

Dashboard overall view

Smart Charge HUB

Smart Charge Hub is a solution for operations, management, energy optimization and payment for operators of chargers. Smart Charge operator dashboard enables the daily operations of the station, and presents historical data to the operators.