WWF “Climate Solver” 2016 award to Meshcrafts

Meshcrafts has the honor of being awarded ”Climate Solver” by WWF along with another 12 companies in the Nordics. The whole list of companies can be found here.

Climate Solver

WWF wishes to see the most sustainable cleantech companies to win the race at the billion-dollar market. For this reason, WWF chose to collaborate with the Nordic Cleantech Open last year in a first ever call to identify the Nordic start-up companies. The WWF Climate Solver Nordic – most able to a pave the way towards 100% renewable energy and halting climate change while providing energy access to poorer communities. Jury members are distinguished investors, policy and technology expertise and very experienced in assessing the business case. Which we combined with WWF conservation expertise and the calculation of these innovations climate and energy access impact potential.

Jury reason for nomination

Smart Charge developed by Meshcrafts, is an inspiring example of a non-fossil, non-nuclear climate innovation. With global potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, if provided favorable conditions for development and dissemination.


The SmartCharge solution is a total solution for Electrical Vehicle Charging. It is a platform connecting all the stakeholder in the E-mobility. Solving the operations, payment and marketing for the owners of the charging stations, and giving the drivers real time information based on there vehicles and preferences. The WWF calculated the climate impact to have a potential of 24.9 M ton CO2 reduction by 2026.

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