Smart Charge coming online to a location near you!

SmartCharge Solution is online

Meshcrafts are releasing the platform for Electrical Vehicles (EVs) charging: SmartCharge solution online to the Norwegian market this coming fall. The solution not only adds payment function to the charging stations, but also provides real-time information, such as availability and real-time effect (kW) for “non-intelligent” charging stations in Norway. “We have been testing our back-end for a while and it is ready for deployment.” says CEO Åsmund Møll Frengstad.

SmartCharge operation dashboard

SmartCharge dashboard enables the daily operations of the station, and presents historical data to the operators. The operator can change basic info for the station like; price, availability, opening hours and effect etc. The dashboard can also set rules for a whole organization and pricing set on individuals or groups, the features are:

SmartCharge EV App

Our charging app has gone through alpha testing and we are confident that the hassle of finding the right charging station will be reduced. The app also provides routing feature from the current position of the EV-user to a designated charging station, based on the type of the vehicle and preferences. We will soon introduce a new beta version with payment option and an open version without a login”. Our current database includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and USA. The database has over 30 000 charging points today and will include UK, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium in the future.


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